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Best Practice

WDBs code of conduct

Best Practice Code of Good Conduct for Website Design Bureau Members – effective 1 March 2008.

This Code governs the relationships between Website Design Bureau members and their clients received from Website Design Bureau.

By accepting this Best Practice Code of Good Conduct, each member is committed to the promotion of Best Practices.

1. Client confidentiality:
WDB Members will respect clients rights to confidentialty regarding services and design. All information within reason provided by the client must be respected as confidential and not passed to third parties unless required by law or on behalf of the client.

2. Conduct:
Each member will clearly define services offered to their clients prior to commencing services, conducting themselves and their business with professional integrity.
All members shall ensure that they provide a service which is efficient and in the interest of good business practices.

3. Ethical practice:
WDB members act with honesty and fairness in their dealings with clientele. Members  shall refrain from activities which could bring WDB into disrepute.

4. Regulatory Compliance:
All members will abide by all applicable laws and regulations with regards to services, client relations and anti-spam.

5. Truth in Advertising:
WDB Members are required to advertise their services and products truthfully and as accuratly as possible without with holding mandatory hidden costs.

6. Complaints from the public
Even though WDB is not a Regulatory body, if it receives complaints from the public regarding one of it's members it will be closely followed up and may result in loss of membership.


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