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Website design bureau accreditation is open to both graphic designs, web and software developers.

Accreditation is dependant on several factors and we reserve the right to deny applications without notice or reason.

To apply simply contact us with a brief on your company goals and interest in joining. If applicable one of our members will get back to you shortly informing you that you have been seriously considered and a standard screening of your company is being done. The screening checks for past praises or complaints from clients as well as checking the quality and skill level of your work.

Any negative information discovered in the screening will not be made public or reported in any way but it will mean your application is denied.

Applications take on average 2 weeks to approve, although all efforts are made to inform you on the decision we cannot guarantee a reply within that time.

Note : Accredited companies must accept our best practices agreements prior to commencing on any project handed to them via our clients streams. Companies failing to comply may be removed or legal action taken in serious offences. Client streams are not open to all accredited members but are offered in separate terms to this agreement.

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